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Add Movement to Your Winter

This time of year can be rough for those of us that like to get our movement in outdoors. Here are some good ways to add movement into your day when it’s cold and wet outside: 1.) Make your meetings walking or standing meetings. Take a stroll with your colleagues around the office while you… Read more »

Napa/ Sonoma Fire Donations

There’s been so much tragedy recently and we want to do our part to help out our communities and the communities of our patients’. We’re taking donations for Napa/ Sonoma fire victims and for Portland Rescue Mission. Needed items: Napa & Sonoma Fire Victims • Clean, lightly used clothing • Blankets • Pet items- leashes,… Read more »

Eagle Creek Fire Relief

We’re currently donating 100% of profits from the sales of Theraband products, Biofreeze, and Stretch Out Straps to the relief effort. We want to thank all the dedicated people who are fighting the fire and providing relief to those impacted. by

Neurobiological Mechanisms of Acupuncture for Some Common Illnesses: A Clinician’s Perspective

This in-depth article explores how Western medicine views the benefits of acupuncture. Neurobiological Mechanisms of Acupuncture By Kwokming James Cheng on This paper presents some previously proposed neurobiological mechanisms on how acupuncture may work in some clinical applications from a clinician’s perspective. For the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, the proposed mechanisms included microinjury, increased local blood… Read more »

March First Thursday

Save the date! We’re having a First Thursday party on March 3, 2016 from 6-8 at the clinic. Come view the adventure photography of our newest artist, Steve Jackson, while sipping wine and eating hors d’oeuvres. Hope you can join us! by

Acupuncture Relieves Neck Pain and Numbness

25 SEPTEMBER 2015 Healthcare Medicine Institute Acupuncture relieves neck pain and numbness and reduces levels of proinflammatory blood cytokines. Researchers conclude that warm needle acupuncture has a 92.05% total effective rate for the treatment of pain, numbness, and radiating discomfort due to cervical spondylosis with radiculopathy. This is a condition wherein there is spinal and… Read more »

Majority in U.S. Say Chiropractic Works for Neck, Back Pain

by Cynthia English and Elizabeth Keating WELL-BEING September 8, 2015 Story Highlights • Two-thirds say chiropractic effective for neck, back pain • Many adults say chiropractors think of patient’s best interest • More than 33 million U.S. adults saw a chiropractor last year WASHINGTON, D.C. — Chiropractic care has a positive reputation among many U.S…. Read more »

Beat the Heat and Increase Your Antioxidants at the Same Time

By Brittany S. Wilson, LMT This summer has been one of the hottest on record for the Pacific Northwest, which makes it much easier for us to become unknowingly dehydrated. During the heat waves, have you felt sluggish? More tired than usual? Have muscle weakness? Dizziness? Slow thought processes? These are all symptoms of dehydration…. Read more »

When Stress Hurts

By Brittany S. Wilson, LMT Our stress response is highly adaptive and functional: it helps us stay alert and focused during times of emergency and increases our strength and stamina, all in preparation for the fight or flight response. The nervous system responds to a sense of threat by releasing the stress hormones adrenaline and… Read more »