The Health Benefits of Massage

Professional massage therapy is designed to massasge-therapyoptimize the body’s performance and to be included as part of one’s preventative health maintenance plan. Why a plan?  Because you deserve it.  Your body works hard for you every day of your life.  With regular care and maintenance through rest, proper nutrition, daily stretching/exercise, and massage you can greatly extend the life and well-being of your faithful companion, your body.

Receiving a professional massage once a month (considered a basic maintenance schedule) will improve your health on many levels.  Think of it as an investment in yourself!  As the saying goes: Put the money into preventative care now, or put it into repair care later.  The repair care is much more costly and not nearly as enjoyable.

Below is a sample list of all the amazing health benefits you can receive from a regularly scheduled, professional massage:

Receive healthy touch • Reduce stress • Decrease physical pain • Increase physical performance • Enhance mental focus and productivity • Reduce occurrence of injuries • Relieve muscle tension and stiffness • Increase flexibility • Promote general well-being • Reduce emotional pain • Reduce anxiety • Improve circulation • Encourage sound sleep • Reduce edema • Increase stamina • Accelerate injury rehabilitation • Experience relaxation • Feel pampered • Improve overall health • Enhance mobility

Feeling motivated to treat your body right? Call Equilibrium today to schedule your professional massage.  It’s possible that your insurance might cover part of the cost so ask us about checking your benefits.

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